Most people set limits on how much they can achieve simply because they believe they lack the resources needed for successful outcomes. They believe that they just don’t have the mental discipline, intelligence, luck, creativity, energy or talent to live at a level they can only dream of.

‘When I have more money, then I can think of starting my own business.’ ‘When I am more mature, with a lot more experience behind me, then I can take on that challenge’ ‘When I have more time, then I can start to plan my finances.’ ‘When I find a better partner, than I can enjoy a happier relationship.’ Heard all these before?

The truth is that you already possess all the resources you need to get anything you want, and produce any result you desire in your life! That’s right! The resources I am referring to are your in-born, in-built resources of Brain and Body working together.

Our Brain-Mind and Body is the most powerful resource that each and every one of us was born with on this planet. If used and run effectively, your internal resources will enable you to get any physical-external resource you require to help you achieve any goal you desire.

Most people cite lack of MONEY as their number one excuse for not taking advantage of opportunities and taking action. Yet we all know that some of the most successful corporate-household names in the world started with little or no money. Take Honda and Sony’s founders, Soichiro Honda and Akio Morita or even Apple’s founder Steve Jobs.

They started with nothing but their own ingenuity and personal power to create winning, innovative products and wealth followed naturally, which then allowed them to create even greater wealth.

TIME is the next most common resource that people say they lack. Yet we all work by the same clocks. All of us have twenty-four hours a day within which we have to eat, sleep, relax, recharge and work, smart or otherwise.

It is surely therefore our ability to plan, manage and control how we use time that creates results, or lack of results. Again, it comes back to how we control our own internal resources. Use them effectively or squander them.

How about OTHER PEOPLE as a resource?

Here again, many people believe that they just don’t have the right partners, customers, colleagues, family or bosses to support their life or career goals. Again, if you have the internal resources of knowing how to build rapport, influence and direct the thoughts and behaviors of others positively, you WILL attract the kind of people you need to help you succeed.

So it is truly how we manage our internal resources that make all the difference and influence the amount of success you have. Make full use of it.