Success Philosophy

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Everybody says that they would like to live a successful life. Yet, few know what success really means to them and even fewer know how to attain it.

Successful people often cite their accomplishment would not be possible if not for their wellbeing in these three aspects – health, wealth & a spirit of giving. Good health can be maintained with regular exercise and eating wholesome food. Wealth can be maintained and increased by investing wisely and insuring prudently against the unexpected. Time set aside for service is invaluable and can bring a change in ourselves and the world.

We have learnt long ago that success is not a destination, but a journey. Success is a day-to-day progressive realization of pre-determined goals that we set. Success is the motive of every student.  In other words, before we can achieve success, we must first have clearly defined goals in all areas of our life. Whether it is to make your first million, start a charity, build a multi-national company or developing a nurturing relationship with your life partner.

Success is a day-to-day progressive realization of pre-determined goals that we set. If the actions you have taken have moved you a step closer to your goals, then today has been a successful day. Of course, the goals we set must be that of excellence. The more challenging they are, the more satisfaction we will experience in their achievement.

In order to achieve excellence in your life, you must exhibit the patterns of Personal Mastery & People Mastery. Personal Mastery is the ability to take charge of your life and bring out the best in yourself. People Mastery is the ability to bring out the best in others through your ability to communicate and influence.

Exhibit both qualities in abundance and you will be on your way to phenomenal success in life.