Key to Success with Performance Appraisals

Was there ever a time when your manager or supervisor called you for a meeting to discuss about your performance appraisal? How did you handle it? Were you pressured or challenged? What are the effects on it on you? If you are working on a company, performance appraisal is not a new word.
Many managers and executives actually dread having to go through performance appraisals. If assessing the company’s people one-by-one is not dreadful enough, having to face them every single day knowing how (poorly) they performed in the past year, month or week can become even more stressful.
Sometimes, employees who think that their work has not been assessed well by the management can hold resentment and grudges for a long time, which could not only affect their future performance but also the relationship among the employees of the company as well.
Below are a few essential keys to success in performance appraisals:
Performance appraisals must not just happen during that single event but every day, although not necessarily in paper. For example, developing employee skills and capabilities can help in improving their performance at work. Motivating them with rewards such as cash, travel or other forms of incentives could also get them to do much better at work. Managing and monitoring employee performance is vital to keeping together a good team equipped with the right skills for the job. Every opportunity should be treated as a chance to motivate and appreciate good work being done.
Of course, it is important to ensure that one’s performance in management is improving as well, in order to efficiently manage the performance development of other people. One cannot simply wait for that single day of the year to look back on how the company has been led. Every moment should be a window of opportunity for one to improve in their leadership skills.