Set Goals

How Do I Set Goals That Become Reality?

All of us know the importance of setting goals. We know that before we can achieve anything, we must first know what we want. It is said that everything is created twice. Only when we first create something in our mind, will it then manifest into our physical reality.

Goals give us a definite direction with which to focus our energies on.Without goals, our decisions and actions will not be directed and we will end up going nowhere. It is when we stay focused on a specific goal, develop an effective strategy and keep taking action, we will eventually realize it.

Then, why is it that so many people do not achieve their goals? Why have so many people ‘tried’ goal setting but it has not worked for them? The answer is because they have not set goals in an effective way.

To most people, mere dreaming and setting of new year’s resolution are their idea of goal setting. This just simply does not work. Many people for example, make a new year’s resolution to ‘lose weight’. When do they check in on the goal? The following year! And sure enough, it was not achieved. So what do they do? They set another new year’s resolution and the unsuccessful cycle continues.

To set goals that drive you and give you focus, you must make your goals very specific. Unless you know specifically what it is you want, you cannot develop an effective strategy to reach it. Successful people know exactly what they want in life and if you want to be successful, you must do the same.

Specific goals give you the focus needed to take action. When you know exactly what your goal is, you will know exactly what action is required to get there. So set specific goals for yourself and you will find them manifesting soon enough.